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Sudden Heel Pain while playing Tennis

Die Ganze Woche   |   April 2018

Dr. Bock is answering a patients question. Most likely the patient suffers from a beginning plantar fasciitis.  

Screws made of Sugar and Magnesium in Foot Surgery

Clinicum   |   April 2018   |   PDF Artikel lesen

More and more often screws made of Sugar (Polylactate) and Magnesium are applied for foot surgeries, especially for the correction of hallux valgus. In contrast to metal screws those screws are biodegradable and are integrated into the bone.

Cartilage Lesion within the Ankle Joint

Jatros   |   February 2017   |   PDF Artikel lesen

Cartilage lesions within the ankle joint are often caused by multiple small injuries. Very often an instability of the ankle joint plays an important role. Dr. Bock describes different treatment options according to the degree of the injury.

The right Treatment in case of an sprained Ankle

Die Ganze Woche   |   November 2017   |   PDF Artikel lesen

A wrong step, an unfortunate hard landing and the ankle is sprained. Now the right treatment algorithm is important. In the acute phase it ist he P.R.I.C.E protocol (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) which is indicated.

Training instead of Surgery

Die Ganze Woche   |   July 2016   |   PDF Artikel lesen

In case of a beginning hallux valgus deformity special physiotherapy with specialized exercises can help alleviate the pain. In case of progression of the deformity surgery is indicated.

Scientific evidence in the surgical therapy of hallux valgus

Jatros   |   April 2014   |   PDF Artikel lesen

The surgical correction of a hallux valgus deformity is one of the most performed orthopaedic procedures. But is there scientific evidence for what surgeons do ? This article answers the question how well of an evidence there is for the different surgical procedures applied to correct a hallux valgus deformity.

Endoscopic Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

Jatros   |   May 2013   |   PDF Artikel lesen

A long story of suffering, nothing helped. This is how a patient presents to the doctor with a long lasting Plantar Fasciitis. The patient wants to have a solution for his problem. Insoles, shock wave therapy and x-ray radiation have already been applied, physiotherapy already done. None of the therapies have helped so far. Dr. […]

Guidelines in Hallux valgus Surgery

Jatros   |   January 2007   |   PDF Artikel lesen

Guidelines discussion has started for good in every medical field. Also in orthopaedics guidelines are important for an excellent patient care. This is why Dr. Bock organized on october 21 th 2006 an international conference on the subject of guidelines for Hallux valgus including well known speakers from four different countries.