Meniscus Tear

The meniscus is a C- shape structure inside the knee, composed of  very resitent fibrocartilaginous tissue. The meniscus serves as a kind of buffer material. A meniscus tear is often a source of knee pain caused either by one abrupt trauma or by repetitive micro-traumas in case of a preinjured degenerative meniscus.

If the meniscus is torn the knee very often becomes painful with load or sometimes even at night with bending movements of your knee.

In most cases a painful torn meniscus requires surgical treatment with an arthroscopic procedure that can rapidly and efficiently cure you from pain.

In some cases a torn mensicus can be sutured arthroscopically though in most cases the torn part that has no more function will be removed arthroscopically. Only a small part will be removed the preserve the meniscus’ function. After arthroscopy you will soon be painfree.

In most cases I will recommend you to go with crutches with partial weight bearing until one week after athroscopy.