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Patient Testimonials


Foot patient, Vienna , 08/07/2017

" Dear Peter,
You are a wonderful foot surgeon and I thank you very much for having operated so well on me. Best regards.... "


Foot Patient , 07/25/2017

"Dear Dr Bock,
We would like to congratulate you on the opening of your new office! We wish you all the best and much continued success. "


Foot patient , 12/12/2016

"Dear Dr. Bock !
I want to cordially thank you for all your efforts with and around my surgery."


Foot Patient (Vienna) , 12/10/2015

"Dear Dr Bock, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the operation that you have performed on me on 10.12.2015 (Morton's Neuroma)!!!!!!!! It is a miracle for me to be able to walk without pain after months of foot pain, and all that in such a short period of time. Everything went wonderful!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your happy patient. "


Foot patient, Vienna , 12/01/2015

"Dear Dr. Bock ! I thank you very much for your skills and for the human care you have put on the operation of my bunion. We should have more doctors like yourself!"


Foot Patient (Vienna) , 12/27/2014

"Thanks to Dr. Bock I will indeed have a Happy New Year. After months of excruciating foot pain, and an unsuccessful succession of other Orthopaedic doctors I was so happy to have found Dr. Bock who with dedication, care and expertise operated so successfully that I am now ready to run marathon races. What a joy. What a relief. Without hesitation I strongly recommend Dr. Bock and his hospital team."


Foot Patient (Vienna) , 12/17/2014

"Dear Dr. Bock, I wanted to thank you. I am very very satisfied with the operation, and I wish you a Merry Christmas."


Foot Patient (Vienna) , 08/27/2014

"Dear Dr. Bock!

My foot is doing very well - thanks to you, such a great doctor! ...
Should I ever need any surgical procedure done on my feet, I will gladly call you again! 
Thanks again for everything !!! 
All the best for you and your family! 
S. W. (Vienna) "


Foot Patient (Vienna) , 08/12/2014 10:53:00

"Dear Dr. Bock, I was only able to see this form now.  You have been my doctor for many years now, and you also have been my Operateur. Thank you for your kindness, care and expertise.  Especially your before, during and after-care are remarkable. Not many extremely competent doctors take the time to add a human touch! Thank you so much!"


Foot Patient (Vienna) , 12/12/2013

"Dear Dr. Bock
Thank you for your advice and the surgery. I can recommend Dr. Bock to everybody."


Foot Patient (Vienna) , 11/07/2013

"Dear Dr. Bock,
Attached you find pictures before and 8 weeks after the surgery – documentation of your perfect work.
Thank you very much!"


Foot Patient (Vienna) , 10/18/2013

"Dear Dr. Bock,
I am happy to report that I am skiing again with virtually no pain related to the osteotomy."


Mom of a knee patient and an ankle patient , 09/06/2013

"Dr. Bock is exactly how I imagine a doctor to be: calm and competent; not an alarmist; he takes his time and is very friendly. This combination is difficult to find anymore."

A. O.

Foot patient (Vienna) , 04/04/2013

"My daughter, 13 years old, had a massive flatfoot. After years of wearing insoles and going through an Odyssee of trying different private orthopaedic doctors, we -thank God- finally found Dr. Bock.
After the surgery required a post-operative plaster cast, which needed to be changed several times. Dr. Bock was always present to change the cast and make sure everything was OK. My daughter walks totally straight now and is able to wear every type of shoe she wants. One cannot imagine that before everything was different. Many thanks for everything. It is fantastic to have a doctor who answers every question and shows real empathy. Thank you (Dr Bock) for not having hesitated to do these surgeries. "


Ankle Patient

"After three operations on my ankle joint and over a year on sick leave, I am again in the position to cope with my everyday activities. This is why I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the medical treatment but, above all, for your patience and your human touch. "


Vienna, foot and ankle patient

"A thousand thanks for everything!"


Vienna, foot patient

"Dear Dr. Bock! It is now more than 3 months since you operated on me! I can happily report to you that the surgery truly went to my satisfaction. I do not have pain on the operated foot. I can walk without problems- everything is wonderful. So I am very satisfied with the result of the operation. I would like to thank you very much again, and want to congratulate both of us on the good results."

M.B. and Mother

Vienna, foot patient

"Dear Dr. Bock! Thank you for everything!"


Vienna, foot patient

"Thanks to your help and that of your team’s, I have been able to enjoy a wonderful hiking vacation. Your thankful patient,"


Vienna, knee patient

"Dear Dr. Bock! Thank you very much for the excellent treatment. I send you blessings this Holiday season and Best Wishes for the New Year, from the bottom of my heart."


Vienna, foot patient

"Dear Dr. Bock! Thank you so much and have a nice Advent season."


Vienna, foot patient

"Thank you very much for the surgery!"


Vienna, knee patient

"Thank you for your treatment. You, Dr. Bock, as a doctor have remained a human being."


Vienna, foot patient

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. It was much more than other doctors do. Your friendliness and care alone were terrific. Thank you!"

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Office News

Dr. Bock was interviewed by the ORF (Austrian broadcast company, Heute Leben) - 06/19/2017

On June 19th 2017 Dr. Bock was interviewed by the ORF (Austrian broadcast company, Heute Leben) about an innovative method how to treat cartilage lesions of the ankle joint.

Health Articles

Hammertoe - 07/25/2014

Why do I have a hammer toe?
Hammer toes are a leading cause of pain in the foot. The pain from hammertoe is caused by friction against the shoe. Hammer toe is characterized by a permanently bent interphalangeal joint.

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