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Is Dr Bock qualified to advise me on other conditions (Shoulder and Elbeow, Hands and Fingers, and Back)?

Dr Bock is qualified and will see you to provide you advise on these conditions. Still, you may want to send him an email ahead of a visit with your specific question and he will gladly let you know whether he will be able to advise you or direct you to another specialist.

When do I need an orthopedic doctor?

As an orthopedic doctor I want to help you with pain involving one or several joints or your spine, as well as muscle, ligament, or tendon problems. I will also be happy to consult with you on how to prevent problems.

How do I make an appointment with Dr. Bock?

To make an appointment please call 0676 5247257 for an appointment in Vienna or 0664 550893 for an appointment in Deutsch Wagram or send me an email (only appointments in my office in Vienna).

What should I bring to my first appointment with Dr. Bock?

Please bring all previous examination results (laboratory), radiological results (x-ray, MRI, CT scan, sonography), or other examination results (neurologist, internal medicine) to your appointment, as well as your completed patient form (if possible).

Does my insurance cover the costs?

I am a private doctor. You will receive an invoice to submit to your private insurance or to the public insurance.

Which languages does Dr. Bock speak?

I speak fluent German, English, and French and can communicate in Spanish, as well.

Which field of surgery is Dr. Bock specialized in?

I am specialized in surgery of the foot and ankle and surgery of the knee join. I also perform standard orthopedic procedures such as joint replacement of the hip and hand surgery.

Can I contact Dr. Bock outside office hours?

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions concerning your health on phone number: 0676 5247257. If I cannot answer the phone, please leave me a message. I will call you back as soon as possible. You may also email me.

Office News

Dr. Bock was interviewed by the ORF (Austrian broadcast company, Heute Leben) - 06/19/2017

On June 19th 2017 Dr. Bock was interviewed by the ORF (Austrian broadcast company, Heute Leben) about an innovative method how to treat cartilage lesions of the ankle joint.

Health Articles

Hammertoe - 07/25/2014

Why do I have a hammer toe?
Hammer toes are a leading cause of pain in the foot. The pain from hammertoe is caused by friction against the shoe.Hammer toe is characterized by a permanently bent interphalangeal joint.

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0664 555 0893

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Patient Testimonials

“Dear Dr. Bock! Thank you for everything!”

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