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Dr Bock is an Orthopaedic Surgeon specialized in foot and ankle surgery, and a Sports medicine Specialist. Dr Bock is Foot Surgeon at Orthopädisches Spital Speising. Dr Bock was born in Vienna in 1971.

Dr Bock’s experience as lead foot surgeon at SMZ Ost (2004-2013) and as foot specialist at Speising have allowed him to gain experience on a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, including hallux valgus, hammertoes, metatarsalgia, pain in the ball of foot, flat foot, Achilles Tendon, heel spur, ankle sprain, and cartilage conditions, and others.

Dr Bock’s area of expertise also includes knee surgery with particular interest in knee arthroscopy, treatment of meniscus and cartilage conditions, and knee replacement.

In September 2014, Dr Bock was interviewed at International Foot Conference in Chicago by Orthopaedics Today, an online resource for latest advances in the medical field, who approached him following his presentation of his research on hallux valgus (bunion) at the 5th IFFAS (International Federation of Foot and Ankle Societies) Triennial Scientific Meeting, the most prestigious forum for foot and ankle orthopaedics, organized in conjunction with the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS).

In 2013, Dr Bock attended an orthopaedic training in the United States through the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society. Participation in this prestigious annual fellowship program is by invitation. Dr Bock had the privilege of increasing his expertise one-on-one with some of the U.S. top foot surgeons at five prestigious hospitals including the prestigious Mercy Hospital in Baltimore.

Dr Bock is dedicated to skilled diagnosis and conservative, non-surgical treatment. Conservative treatment, including preventive measures and manual medicine, is particularly effective in solving certain orthopaedic conditions.

With a solid foundation and consistent special training in foot and ankle and knee surgery through years of experience at SMZ Ost and Speising, Dr Bock has performed over 3500 successful orthopaedic operations, and when conservative medicine is not enough, Dr Bock’s patients are assured the most up-to-date surgical techniques tailored to their individual needs.

Office News

Dr. Peter Bock has been named Head of the Department for Foot and Ankle Surgery at Orthopaedic Hospital Vienna Speising - 09/23/2016

Dr. Peter Bock, a specialist for foot and ankle surgery, is looking forward to offering his expertise for the benefit of the department and patients.

Health Articles

Hammertoe - 07/25/2014

Why do I have a hammer toe?
Hammer toes are a leading cause of pain in the foot. The pain from hammertoe is caused by friction against the shoe.Hammer toe is characterized by a permanently bent interphalangeal joint.

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